Spirit Lake Okoboji Tennis Defeats Cherokee

Mon 4-26-2021

Girls Tennis


Spirit Lake Okoboji 7

Cherokee 2


Varsity Singles

#1 Catherine Straus (SLO) wins 10-1 over Kalina Schubert (CHE)

#2 Elli Hanson (SLO) wins 10-4 over Kenna Mongan (CHE)

#3 Sarah Mesler (CHE) wins 11-10 over Sophia Butler (SLO)

#4 Abbie Oleson (SLO) wins 10-0 over Meredith Lovell (CHE)

#5 Taylor Schneider (SLO) wins 10-5 over Parissa Fredricksen (CHE)

#6 Sophie Behrens (SLO) wins 10-3 over Paris Mendez (CHE)


Varsity Doubles

#1 Mongan/Mesler (CHE) won by injury default over Butler/Hanson (SLO)

#2 Straus/Oleson (SLO) wins 10-2 over Schubert/Fredricksen (CHE)

#3 Schneider/Behrens (SLO) wins 10-4 over Lovell/Mendez (CHE)




Boys Tennis


Spirit Lake Okoboji 6

Cherokee 3


Varsity Singles

#1 Jacob Kohn (CHE) wins 10-8 over Noah Hughes (SLO)

#2 Samuel Heikens (SLO) wins 10-5 over Jacob Hogdon (CHE)

#3 Paul Conover (SLO) wins 10-3 over Wil Lugar (CHE)

#4 Cole Timmerman (CHE) wins 10-8 over Ben Fisher (SLO)

#5 Logan Langel (SLO) wins 10-3 over Cael Lundy (CHE)

#6 Caleb Frostestad (SLO) wins 10-2 over Andrew Creel (CHE)


Varsity Doubles

#1 Hogdon/Timmerman (CHE) wins 10-8 over Hughes/Fisher (SLO)

#2 Heikens/Langel (SLO) wins 10-6 over Kohn/Lugar (CHE)

#3 Conover/Frostestad (SLO) wins 10-2 over Lundy/Creel (CHE)


Comments From SL-O Boys Coach Dan Taylor:

It feels good to get our first win of the year. The 6 matches we won were by pretty comfortable margins, and the 3 matches we lost were all extremely close by a score of 8-10. The conditions were a lot warmer than what the guys are used to as well, so I thought overall they performed well. I especially saw good improvement in doubles. They did a great job implementing things we worked on recently in practice into their matches, so I was very pleased with that. It is a great start to a marathon of a week with 5 competitions in 6 days!