Clean Water Connection

Segment 9 Greg Drees on The Okoboji Blue Water Festival

Thu 8-10-2017

Segment 8 Mike Hawkins on Common Carp and Water Quality

Wed 8-2-2017

Segment 7 Mary Freiborg and Brooke Harrington on The Okoboji Foundation and Youth in Philanthropy

Wed 7-26-2017

Segment 6 John Wills on Prairie Lakes Conference

Wed 7-19-2017

Segment 5 Charles Vigdal on Dickinson County Recycling Center

Wed 7-12-2017

Segment 4 Mike Hawkins on Algae, Plants and Water Quality

Wed 7-5-2017

Segment 3 Dr. Mary Skopec on Lakeside Lab

Wed 6-28-2017

Segment 2 Barry Sackett on Lake Protective Associations

Wed 6-21-2017

Segment 1 John Wills on Water Quality

Wed 6-15-2016