Spirit Lake Okoboji Boys Tennis vs. Estherville

Fri 4-18-2014

Varsity: SL-O defeats ELC 7-2

1. Ryley Smith lost to Levi Jensen 8-10
2. Michael O'Brien def. Thomas Bortvit 11-10 (3)
3. Hunter Andreason def. John Reisner 11-10 (4)
4. Will Fuelberth def. Drew Condon 10-4
5. Jason Thorn def. Kyle Marks 10-1
6. Tully Reed def. Alex Murillo 10-1

1. Smith/O'Brien lost to Jensen/Bortvit 7-10
2. Andreason/Thorn def. Reisner/Condon 10-5
3. Fuelberth/Dan Chapman def. Marks/Jace Hobmeier 10-1

JV: SL-O defeats ELC 6-0

Singles Winners for SL-O: Nick Goodenow, Matt Fuelberth, Andrew Seemann, Kyle Kueper

Doubles Winners for SL-O: Calvin Fisher, Nick Goodenow, Liam Hamilton, Dylan Lende


As one can see from the scoreboard, the matches at the top of the lineup were extremely competitive.  The returning players for ELC really improved from a year ago - they played pretty consistent tennis and hit passing shots and lobs well when our guys came to the net.  Each of the top 3 singles matches were kind of a roller coaster.  At #1, Ryley played great and got off to a fast start, as he was up 6-1.  But Jensen really picked up his game and came back to win, especially due to his ability to hit big passing shots at crucial moments.  But the matches at #2 & #3 were roller coasters the other direction.  Both Michael and Hunter were down their entire matches until the very end, when they both had big comebacks.  Michael was down 1-6, and Hunter was down by 3 games or more for most of the match.  But they both stepped it up at the end, when they were both down 6-9, and came away with hard-earned tiebreak victories.  The bottom half of the varsity lineup looked very strong - they all came away with solid victories in singles and doubles, and are all improving each meet and each day of practice.  We also had a strong day from the JV, as we did in the first meet against Spencer.  Overall, I am very pleased to see the improvement in the guys each day, I am pleased with their positive attitudes, and I know they will become even more competitive and even more confident as the season progresses.