Girls Tennis From Tuesday May 13th

Wed 5-14-2014


Singles       SPENCER             Grade   Score

#1   Olivia Rohlk            vs.  Kate Wilkerson 10-3

#2   Natalie Delaney        vs.  Piper swanson 10-4

#3   Ryan Petievich              vs.  Tiffany Lovan 10-4

#4   Hanna Schoning     vs.  Jenna Nissen 10-0

#5   Anna Vos               vs.  Kelsey Staples 6-10

#6  Rebecca Owens      vs.  Kayla Shanks 10-8


#1   Rohlk / Delaney        vs.  Wilkerson /Shanks 10-1

#2   Schoning / Petievich    vs.  Swanson / Nissen 10-5

#3   Vos / Johnson       vs.  Lovan / Staples 10-4

Final Score

Spirit Lake /Okoboji    8    Season record 8 wins 0 loss

Spencer           1


Singles SPENCER      Score

#1  Mallory Luers vs. Emily Weeks 8-2

#2  Hailey Johnson vs. Ariel Schenal 8-1

#3  Lindsay Erickson vs.   Lyndsay Nelson 8-1

#4  Graci Schoenthal vs. Madyline Elsbecker 8-4


#5  Christy Jergans vs. Gracie Ahern 8-1


#6  Alison Bueltel vs. Megan Huss 8-1


#1  Gulick / O’Brien vs. Weeks / Schenal 1-8

#2  Eckert / Wickham vs. Nelson / Elsbecker 5-8

#3  Wiedow / Marshall vs. Ahern / Huss 8-2                                                

Final Score

Spirit Lake /Okoboji    7 Season record 7 wins 0 loss

Spencer          2


I felt that Spencer has dramatically improved from the time we played them earlier this year. Spencer did a nice job of dictating the style of play in some of the matches. I think we might have to work with a couple of our girls on ways that we can take back controll of the match.
I thought the highlight of the night was Rebecca Owens match. She started out ahead 4-1, but lost the next 7 out of 8 games to fall behind 5-8 against Spencer's Kayla Shanks who is an all-conference player. It didn't look good for Rebecca, but she kept her head and played really smart tennis down the stretch winning the next 5 games and taking the match 10-8.