Girls Lakes Conference Indoor Track Meet

Wed 3-19-2014

1st Place:

Jenna McCoy HJ- 5' 0"
Jenna McCoy LJ- 15' 7 1/4"
Jenna McCoy 60m hurdles 10.14
Dondi Schmidt- 1500m run 5:17.81

2nd Place:

Emma Dau- LJ 15' 5 3/4"
4x800m relay- Mikey Heikens, Dondi Schmidt, Maddie Richter, Lucy O'Hagan- 10:40.04

3rd Place:

4x200m relay- Sierra Gross, Miranda Brueggeman, Emma Dau, Emily Parks- 1:59.29
4x400m relay- Emma Dau, Jenna McCoy, Carly Hassel, Kiersten Carpenter- 4:38.31

4th Place-

Miranda Brueggeman 60m hurdles- 10.68
Mikey Heikens 1500m run 5:48.33

5th Place:

Lucy O'Hagan 1500m run 5:51.56

6th Place:

4x200m relay- Kiersten Carpenter, Taryn Ruden, Kaylee Boelter, Carly Hassel- 2:04.38

quote from coach Tim Heinitz

What a great night for our track girls! We had some very good performances for this early in the season and we had 4 indoor conference champions! We also had some nice surprises from our younger runners as well! We also had every girl participate in every event they were asked to do. As coaches we REALLY appreciate that. Also a special thanks to the parents for all the great treats and drinks today!