Cherokee Cross Country Invitational On October 7th

Wed 10-8-2014

Varsity Boys Team Scores:

1. Unity 52
2. MOC/FV 73
3. Spirit Lake 106
4. HWC 130
5. Sioux Center 134
6. Trinity 171
7. St. Lake 178
8. Le Mars 196
9. Sheldon 196
10. Okoboji 219
11. Cherokee 310

Okoboji Individuals:

Blake Lineweaver 13th- 17:51
Ryan Chindlund 23rd- 18:25
Isaac Golke 58th- 21:19
Adam Dublinski 62nd- 21:52
Isaac Fritsch 63rd- 21:52
Joseph Schmidt 64th- 22:10
Connery Sweeney 68th- 23:37

Spirit Lake Individuals:

Ryan Maris 6th- 17:32
Alec Harrington 10th- 17:42
Kyle Kueper 21st- 18:22
Ethan Bergendahl 31st- 18:51
Hunter Davis 38th- 18:59
Jason Feather 42nd- 19:11
Jordan Steinle 52nd- 19:51

Varsity Girls Team Scores:

1. MOC/FV 27
2. Unity 63
3. HWC 76
4. Sioux Center 119
5. Okoboji 120
6. Spirit Lake 139
7. Le Mars 150
8. Sheldon 197
9. St. Lake 250
10. Cherokee 300
11. Trinity INC

Okoboji Individuals:

Olivia Albright 10th- 17:14
Mallory Gibson 20th- 17:36
Mari Stein 22nd- 17:42
Cory Hoffman 33rd- 18:17
Anna Seeger 36th- 18:29
Ali Goehring 44th- 18:49
Grace Goehring 58th- 19:44

Spirit Lake Individuals:

Lucy O'Hagan 11th- 17:16
Emma Lux 24th- 17:49
Meghan Wickham 31st- 18:09
Hazkhett Zeledon 37th- 18:32
Maddie Richter 38th- 18:33
Rebekah Olson 45th- 18:50
Krista Larson 49th- 19:13

JV Boys Team Scores:

1. Unity 27
2. Sioux Center 49
3. Spirit Lake 77
4. MOC/FV 98
5. Le Mars 124
6 INC teams

Okoboji Individuals:

Thor Hiemdal 20:53
Austin Duncan 22:15
Josh Kujanson 25:11

Spirit Lake Individuals:

Jared Brunsvold 5th- 19:39
Kyler Vugteveen 9th- 20:11
Matt Schmitz 20th- 20:40
Eddy Operti 22nd- 20:49
Jack Bauermeister 28th- 21:12
Jacob Longest 29th- 21:13
Will Fuelberth 33rd- 21:18
Tim Frostestad 34th- 21:19
Michael Peterson 36th- 21:23
Brett Salzwedel 41st- 21:38

JV Girls Team Scores:

1. Spirit Lake 46
2. Unity 52
3. HWC 68
4. Le Mars 102
5. MOC/FV 134
6. Sioux Center 143
7. Sheldon 159
4 INC teams

Okoboji Individuals:

Abi Meyer 30th- 20:29
Peace Preston 34th- 20:37

Spirit Lake Individuals:

Gracen Arms 2nd- 18:40
Ally Whiting 3rd- 19:02
Charli Miller 12th- 19:32
Kristen Salzwedel 14th- 19:41
Kylie Holdorf 15th- 19:42
Ashley Brooks 24th- 20:23
Jenna McCoy 54th- 21:51

Okoboji Coach Royce Van Roekel:

Comments on tonight's race. The girls have pleased us race after race with either improved times, or improved places. Today we feel like we ran well, but did not necessarily get blown away with any new personal records or win the meet. Our finishing order changed once more and we continue to run well as a team. We run again less then 48 hours from now so we will try to keep everyone healthy and happy to continue to be satisfied with each effort knowing it is the best we have that given night. 

Blake Lineweaver and Ryan Chindlund continue to shine for our young men while others are still finding out what they are made of. Sometimes the best thing about a long season is the fact that there is plenty of time to learn about one's self. We saw some of our guys not run the best, while others had their best meet of the year. We can only hope that everyone figures it out and peaks at the right time; which happens to be in the coming two weeks.

Spirit Lake Coach Tim Heinitz:

Well, tonight we had mixed results.  On the boys side, our varsity put together maybe their best meet of the year as a team, which is nice to finally see! Our JV boys also ran well as a team.  On the girls side, our JV girls had an awesome night winning the meet! On the varsity girls side, this was just not our night for whatever reason.  We need to put this meet behind us quickly and have short memories! Sometimes that's the way meets go.  I am confident that we can re-focus for the conference meet next week and districts in 2 weeks!