Fire Damages Hog Confinement

Tue 5-4-2021

(Heron Lake, Mn.)-- The Heron Lake Fire Department responded to hog barn fire on Sunday in Weimer Township. Heron Lake Fire Chief Chad Beemer says the cause was an electrical malfunction or failure within the barn...Hog Barn Fire01 (1) 

"It got up in the attic or ceiling, burnt through the one room, and spread into the other, I guess the ceiling is pretty much contiguous so it spread through the barn that way."

Beemer says no one was injured in the fire and all the pigs survived...Hog Barn Fire02 (1) 

"They were able to get trucks lined up and get them all loaded out. They were all close enough to market weight where they were delivered to JBS in Worthington that night."

The fire department stayed on site to knock down flare ups and to make sure no one got trapped or injured while they loaded the hogs on to trucks. The fire department was called back to the scene yesterday (Monday) to knock down a flare up. In total the department spent about 9 hours on scene.

Okabena Fire also assisted.

(Courtesy Community First Broadcast station KKOJ in Jackson, Mn.)