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Pure Fishing Acquires Sevenstrand Tackle Corporation

Fri 10-10-2003 (Spirit Lake)-- Spirit Lake-based Pure Fishing has acquired another tackle company.

Pure Fishing spokesman Darin Anderson says they've purchased the assets of Sevenstrand Tackle Corporation of Huntington Beach, California. Anderson says the acquisition became effective October 1st.

He tells KUOO news the acquisition will have no impact on Pure Fishing's Spirit Lake operations, but he says it will fill an important marketing niche. Anderson says Pure Fishing has been looking to expand its salt water line of products for some time now, and the acquisition of Sevenstrand will go a long way toward accomplishing that goal.

Sevenstrand Tackle Corporation is a major manufacturer and marketer of wire leaders, crimping sleeves and offshore fishing lures for saltwater sport fish such as tuna, marlin and other species.

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