Spirit Lake Okoboji Tennis Takes On Storm Lake

Thu 4-15-2021

Girls Tennis

Spirit Lake-Okoboji 9

Storm Lake 0


Varsity Singles

#1 Catherine Straus (SLO) wins 10-0 over Christina Mail (SL)

#2 Elli Hanson (SLO) wins 10-0 over Kazao Vang (SL)

#3 Sophia Butler (SLO) wins 10-0 over Tammy Xayavath (SL)

#4 Abbie Oleson (SLO) wins 10-0 over Shannon Henry (SL)

#5 Taylor Schneider (SLO) wins 10-1 over Eh Ler Moo Taw (SL)

#6 Izzie Wycoff (SLO) wins 10-1 over Morgan Sievert (SL)


Varsity Doubles

#1 Hanson/Butler (SLO) wins 10-2 over Mail/Henry (SL)

#2 Straus/Oleson (SLO) wins 10-1 over Vang/Xayavath (SL)

#3 Schneider/Wycoff (SLO) wins 10-3 over Taw/Sievert (SL)




Boys Tennis

Storm Lake 6

Spirit Lake Okoboji 3


Varsity Singles

#1 Jaylen Saengchanpheng (SL) wins 10-2 over Noah Hughes (SLO)

#2 Kevin Lopez (SL) wins 10-0 over Samuel Heikens (SLO)

#3 Josh Steffen (SL) wins 10-1 over Paul Conover (SLO)

#4 Wency Navarro (SL) wins 10-7 over Ben Fisher (SLO)

#5 Logan Langel (SLO) wins 10-5 over Leo Vang (SL)

#6 Caleb Frostestad (SLO) wins 10-3 over Kaw-Nay Mgwe (SL)


Varsity Doubles

#1 Saengchanpheng/Lopez (SL) wins 10-2 over Hughes/Fisher (SLO)

#2 Steffen/Navarro (SL) wins 10-5 over Heikens/Langel (SLO)

#3 Conover/Frostestad (SLO) wins 10-4 over Vang/Mgwe (SL)


Comments From SL-O Boys Tennis Coach Dan Taylor:

Storm Lake is very tough at the top of the lineup. Their top two are returning players from a couple seasons ago and are, in my opinion, one of the top doubles teams in the state. Both Logan and Caleb played very well at 5 and 6 and got us comfortable wins, and Caleb also teamed up with Paul to get a win over those same players at 3 doubles. I do think this is a meet that is winnable next time we see them. Ben had a close 10-7 loss at #4, and 2 doubles was competitive, so when we play 2 of 3 sets next time those are matches we could possibly flip and get a 5-4 win. It is challenging playing the two strongest teams in the conference right out of the gate, but it should be good preparation for facing our opponents next week.