Spencer/Spirit Lake Girls Swimming Results

Wed 9-3-2014

Sioux City Metro Pentathlon Swim Meet
The meet had four teams there: Storm Lake, Sioux City Metro, Spencer/Spirit Lake, and Council Bluffs Abe Lincoln. The meet had no team scoring and had 5 Events the swimmers could swim in: 50FREE, 50FLY, 50BACK, 50BREAST AND 100IM. No relays just these 5 events. RESULTS for each event for top 15 overall were:
50FREE:  1ST place Taylor Sieperda
                 2nd place Madison Sieperda
                 6th place Emma Dau
                 8th place  Erin Dau
                 9th Cassie Soma
                 10th Maddie Dewitt
                 13th Kaylee Boelter
                 14th Katie Moser
50Fly:  1ST place  Taylor Sieperda
             2nd place Madison Sieperda
             6th place Erin Dau
             9th Cassidy Fox
             10th Katie Moser
             11th Krista Determan
             15th Kaylee Boelter
50BACK:  1ST Place Taylor Sieperda
                 2nd place Madison Sieperda
                 4th Erin Dau
                 10th Katie Moser
                 11th Maddie Dewitt
                 12th Cassie Soma
                 13th Krista Determan
50Breast:  1ST Place Madison Sieperda
                   3rd Cassidy Fox
                   5th Taylor Sieperda
                   6th Maddie Dewitt
                   7th Emily Lehner
                   8th Erin Dau
                   12th Krista Determan
                    13th Emma Dau
                   14th Katie Moser
100IM:   1ST Place  Taylor Sieperda
                 3rd place Madison Sieperda
                 4th place Erin Dau
                 7th place Krista Determan
                 8th place Maddie Dewitt
                 11th Katie Moser
                13th Cassidy Fox
                14th Cassie Soma
Next Meet is on the 8th in Algona. This meet will be a regular meet with team scoring and the 11 Traditional events.