Spencer/Spirit Lake Girls Swimming At Sioux City

Tue 8-30-2016

Four teams were there tonight: Sioux City Metro, Storm Lake, Spencer/Spirit Lake, and Council Bluffs AB Lincoln. No Score was taken. Top 5 in each event were as follows:


50Free: Maddie DeWitt 25.76

             Emma VerSteeg 25.88

             Madison Sieperda 25.89

             Sioux City girl 26.77

             Cassie Soma  27.18


          Madison Sieperda 28.86

          CBAL girl               29.27

           Maddie DeWitt    29.32

           Nancy Lynn Maris 29.51

           Emma VerSteeg    29.64


             Emma VerSteeg  28.70

             Madison Sieperda 29.56

             Maddie DeWitt     30.22

             CBAL girl              30.76


             Storm Lake girl     31.41


               Maddie DeWitt  33.72

               Madison Sieperda 35.43

               Storm Lake Girl      36.30

               Sioux City Girl       37.50

               Storm Lake Girl     37.68


              Maddie DeWitt  1:04.82

              Madison Sieperda 1:07.19

              Storm Lake Girl      1:09.29

              Emma VerSteeg    1:09.36

              CBAL  Girl             1:10.62


Spencer/Spirit Lake lady swimmers had a good night winning all the events and having usually 3 girls in the top 5. Next meet is Sept 10th back in Sioux City.