Results from Carroll at Spencer/Spirit Lake Girls Swimming

Wed 10-2-2013

200MED Relay: 1st  Taylor Sieperda,Cassidy Fox,Erin Dau, and Emma Dau

200FREE:   1ST       Cassie Soma

200IM:  1ST   Krista Detterman

50Free: 1st Place Taylor Sieperda; 2ND Emma Dau; 3RD Cassie Soma

100FLY: 1ST Place Erin Dau

100FREE: 1ST PLACE  Emma Dau; 2ND Jessica Nelson

500Free: 1ST Place Lydia Schooley

200Free Relay: 1ST Place And New School Record: Emma Dau,Erin Dau,Jessica Nelson, and Taylor Sieperda

100Back: 1ST Place Taylor Sieperda; 2ND Place Erin Dau; 3rd Jessica Nelson

100BREAST: 1ST Place Cassidy Fox

400Free Relay: 1ST Place  Jessica Nelson,Lydia Schooley,Cassie Soma, and Krista Detterman

Spencer wins the meet 119-51

The next meet will be on Thursday in Storm Lake on October 3rd at Buena Vista University