Iowa High School Tennis: Monday May 6th

Mon 5-6-2019

Girls Tennis


Makeup from April 18 - Resumed May 6

Spirit Lake-Okoboji 5

Estherville 2



May 6 Meeting

Spirit Lake-Okoboji 7

Estherville 2


Varsity Singles

1. Casie Barba (SLO) over Kendall Evans (ELC) 10-4

2. Josie Condon (ELC) over Izzy Backhaus (SLO) 10-5

3. Karli Olsen (SLO) over Emily Herum (ELC) 10-4

4. Mackenzie Vos (SLO) over Shiloh Kirchner (ELC) 10-3

5. Elli Hanson (SLO) over Jessica Wilson (ELC) 10-4

6. Sophia Butler (SLO) over Olga Martin-Felipe (ELC) 10-5


Varsity Doubles

1. Evans/Condon (ELC) over Backhaus/Hanson (SLO) 10-2

2. Barba/Vos (SLO) over Herum/Brianna Fix (ELC) 10-2

3. Olsen/Grace Eckard (SLO) over Kirchner/Wilson (ELC) 10-2


Comments From SL-O Girls Coach Bob O'Hara:

At Estherville on 4-18 everything was going wrong for Casie. As the match went on the footing on the Estherville's courts deteriorated Casie didn't have the confidence to chase down balls that she normally would have. By the time the rain made play impossible she was down 1-8. So when play resumed tonight I wasn't sure how much ground Casie would be able to make up. But Casie dug deep and competed harder than I've ever seen her. She was able to come all the way back to 7-8. To Kenall Evan's credit she never lost her composure and was able to hold on for a 10-7 win. But I was really proud of Casie. She ran everything down and played fearless tennis. I was happy to see her prove to everyone what a great competitor she's become.Casie totally believed in herself, even when she was down 1-8 I think she felt he was going to win that match. Karli Olsen also had a good meet. She was dominate in both singles and doubles. I was also happy with the way Karli chased down about every ball. In addition to that Karli's net play continues to improve.


Other Girls Tennis:

Spencer 7

Storm Lake 2




Boys Tennis


Spirit Lake-Okoboji 8

Estherville 1


Varsity Singles

1. Drew Hickerson (SLO) over Ahries Nissen (ELC) 10-3

2. Nate Cornwall (SLO) over Aaron Nissen (ELC) 10-2

3. Ben Newman (SLO) over Grant Love (ELC) 10-0

4. Parker Zeman (SLO) over Winter Williams (ELC) 10-3

5. Drake Ditzworth (SLO) over Brendan Finley (ELC) 10-2

6. Cade Wagner (SLO) over Carson Madsen (ELC) 10-3


Varsity Doubles

1. Hickerson/Newman (SLO) over Nissen/Nissen (ELC) 10-7

2. Zeman/Ditzworth (SLO) over Love/Finley (ELC) 10-2

3. Williams/Madsen (ELC) over Brock Petersen/Noah Hughes (SLO) 10-5


Comments From SL-O Boys Coach Dan Taylor:

Our singles play was very strong today. The guys played smart, consistent, and at the right times aggressive. Our top doubles struggled a bit at first, getting into a 6-2 hole. But they picked up their game and won 8 of the next 9 to close out the win. That makes our dual meet record 10-1, which is just outstanding. And it also clinches us at least a share of the Lakes Conference regular season title, the first in 6 seasons. I'm so proud of what these guys have accomplished this year, and am excited to se how far they can go in the postseason!


Other Boys Tennis:

Spencer 7

Storm Lake 2