HLP Golf Hosts LeMars Gehlen

Tue 4-21-2015 []

Girls Golf


Harris Lake Park 251

LeMars Gehlen Catholic 281


Meet Medalist


Blake Gunderson - HLP - 60


Runner Up Medalist


Zayda Elbuytari - HLP - 60


Blake & Zayda tied and it came down to the handicapped hole for the tiebreaker


Coach Amanda Perkings Comments:

" I thought overall the girls played better tonight even through the wind and cold temperatures.  We need to keep practicing our short game and putting to get our scores even lower.  I am really proud of our freshman Blake Gunderson and Avery Heikens who have stepped up and played well.  Zayda Elbuytari has played steady golf in the last 5 meets and is doing well in her first year of golf.  I have watched Christina Galvin and Shandy Gembler play a few rounds and they are very capable of scoring well.  I have confidence that they will continue to get better in each meet.   Skylar Forbes, another freshman, has been putting in the time too and is showing improvements each round she plays."



Boys Golf


Harris Lake Park 170

LeMars Gehlen 203


Meet Medalist


Brady Van Iperen - HLP - 40


Runner Up

Jordan Kyle - HLP - 41


Bret Sohn was 3rd with a 42 and Bryce Perkins was 5th for a 47


Coach Tyler Vaudt Comments:

Today was an excellent round of golf from the boys.  I have been impressed at how well they have improved the last couple weeks at practice, and to finally have that hard work start to pay off in the meets will only help us going later in the season.  Today, they were hitting the ball well off the tee but it was their short game that gave them the lower scores.