2020 National FFA Week Student Interviews

Tue 2-25-2020

Click on the interviews below to listen to our student interviews for National FFA Week:

Spencer's Kaitlyn Essick: National FFA Week: Spencer- Kaitlyn Essick 

HMS's Skyllar Tessum: National FFA Week: HMS- Skylar Tessum 

Spencer's Keegan Johnson: National FFA Week: Spencer- Keegan Johnson 

HMS's Clint Peters: National FFA Week: HMS- Clint Peters 

HMS's Olivia Groeders: National FFA Week: HMS- Olivia Groeders 

Spencer's Wren Anderson: National FFA Week: Spencer- Wren Anderson 

Spencer's Zach Scholerman: National FFA Week: Spencer- Zach Scholerman 

HMS's Anna VanderVeen: National FFA Week: HMS- Anna VanderVeen