Zoning Law May Hinder Any Plans To Re-Build Adult Entertainment Business In Milford That Was Destroyed By Fire

Wed 5-24-2017

(Milford)-- City officials in Milford say an adult caberet that was destroyed by fire will not be allowed to be re-built as such under the city's zoning ordinance.

Zipper's Gentleman's Club was destroyed in the April 9th blaze.

The City Attorney told the Milford City Council Monday that the city's zoning ordinance does not allow for an adult entertainment business to be re-built in that area under a grandfather clause, as more than 50 percent of it was destroyed.

City officials say the only zoning district under the city's ordinance that DOES allow such a business is heavy industrial. The city currently does not have such a zoning district.

City officials say an adult entertainment business is also not allowed as a special exception use.

The issue was brought up for discussion at Monday's city council meeting after it was learned the owner of the business had reportedly expressed interest in re-building the adult caberet on that same site.