Zebra Mussel Population In Iowa Great Lakes Continues To Increase And Spread

Thu 12-4-2014 []

(Orleans)-- Inspections of boat hoists removed from the Iowa Great Lakes this fall indicates the population of zebra mussels is increasing, along with their spread. Mike Hawkins, a Fisheries Biologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, says it comes as no surprise...Hawkins01 

And Hawkins says zebra mussels will only continue to spread...Hawkins02 

On a positive note, Hawkins says no signs of zebra mussels were found on hoists removed from Big Spirit Lake.

Hawkins says when it comes to preventing the spread of zebra mussels, it's important to remember a few things...Hawkins03 

Zebra mussels are known for their ability to rapidly reproduce. They have sharp shells and are known to affect the ecosystems of lakes. They have also been known to clog water intakes.