Youth in Philanthropy group sets 30K fundraising goal

Thu 11-5-2015

(Okoboji)-The Okoboji Foundation's Youth in Philanthropy Program provides a platform for students to understand and facilitate fundraising for Lakes' area non-profit groups.

Mick Skinner is among the students participating in this year's program.

"We go out and we fundraise money, and then after we fundraise for about 4 or 5 months, at the end of that time, a bunch of non-profits ask us for money, and then we decide which one deserves it more."

Fellow Spirit Lake student Nick Goodenow adds that the group has set a lofty fundraising goal this year.

"$30,000.  We're all asked what our individual goal that we should raise is, and then our group goal.  After we tally all those up, we talk as a group and then we vote.  We discuss how high our goal should be this year based on last year and how much we raised total."

Skinner notes that students learn valuable skills from the program.

"There's lots of good skills involved, it's just a good experience.  We can get out there and give back to the community that's given so much to us.  So, it's just an all around good thing for both parties."

Further details may be found under the Youth Tab on the Okoboji Foundation website.