Worthington Now Receiving Water From Lewis & Clark System

Thu 5-16-2019

(Worthington, Mn.)-- The city of Worthington, Minnesota is now receiving water from the Lewis and Clark Regional Water System. 

The city began receiving the water on Monday.

Worthington is the 15th member connected to the Lewis and Clark System. The city has a reserved capacity of 1.9 million gallons a day from Lewis and Clark which will be combined with the city's existing water sources.

Scott Hain, General Manager of Worthington Public Utilities who also serves as the city's representative on the board of directors of Lewis and Clark, says it took longer than expected for Worthington to get water through the system, but he says the additional water source will benefit the city's continued growth in demand.

The Lewis and Clark System has been under construction a number of years. It first began delivering water in 2012. Officials say five more members have yet to be connected to the system.

The Lewis and Clark Regional Water System serves portions of southeast South Dakota, northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota.