Work continues on The Wallace and Bowers Nature Area

Wed 7-22-2020 Spirit Lake, IA

(Spirit Lake)-Work continues on the Wallace and Bowers Nature Area, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has an update:

Work continues on The Wallace and Bowers Nature Area 

Restoration work continues on the Wallace and Bowers Nature Area, located on the north edge of Big Spirit lake.

Anita O'Gara, Vice President and Development Director with The Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation explains.  "Iowa Lakeside Laboratory is doing consistent water monitoring out here from the tile outlets as well as in the lake, and we're going to be gathering data over time to show how introducing alfalfa and cover crops has made a difference.  Creating a prairie buffer strip right down nearest the lake is already showing a great difference, and this summer you'll be able to watch the rebirth of a wetland.  This will be happening right up by the highway there, so if you see some digging going on, that's our NRCS partners helping to put in, with contractors, some change in the drainage."

She notes that a virtual field day of the area will be offered through the Practical Farmers of Iowa.  "We are partnering with Practical Farmers of Iowa who often do field days for people to come and see how other landowners and farmers are making choices on the land that benefit conservation as well as yield.  We are pleased that Wallace and Bowers is one of the places that will be discussed this year.  This time, we'll be online, and it's free.  So, Practical Farmers of Iowa is the website to go to.  That will be July 31st."

Listen to the full interview with Anita O'Gara:

Clean Water Connection Segment 7 Anita O'Gara with the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation discusses The Walace and Bowers Nature Area 

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