Work Continues On Several IGLSD Projects With Others In The Pipeline

Fri 4-30-2021

(Milford)-- Some road closures in various portions of Arnolds Park and Okoboji remain in effect as the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District continues work on some major infrastructure projects. District Superintendent Steve Anderson tells KUOO news a stretch of Linden Drive in Arnolds Park will remain closed another couple of weeks, but access to a heavily used boat ramp near Trigg's Bay will remain available this weekend...Anderson Updates01 

"Basically from the Triggs Bridge west is shut down and getting to Bridge's Bay from the east, but the boat ramp is open down there, so people coming in for Walleye Weekend, if you see the road's closed, you can still use the boat ramp down there. So we're hoping here, like I said, in two weeks that construction project will be done. They're replacing sewer mains over there and doing some realignment stuff over there. So that will get done hopefully like I say here in a couple weeks."

Another area of ongoing work is in Okoboji in the area of Lakeshore Drive and Alexander Street...Anderson Updates02 

"They've got the majority of the work done. They're waiting for some test results to get back on the bed of the road and they've got a few little minor things to pick up and they should be putting asphalt down on that next week, and that will be phased so that the intersections are as open as possible while they're putting that asphalt down. And then the other project that we've got is the one that is on Nature Center Road going down to Lakeshore Drive and that contractor is looking to come in next week and start prepping the road areas for the asphalt to get put in there, so."

Anderson says the Sanitary District is also coordinating a sewer replacement project in the area of Lakeside Avenue in Wahpeton, scheduled for August of this year; as well as one with the city of Orleans in the area of Sunset Drive and on Lakeshore Drive in Okoboji for the end of this summer.

Anderson says the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District has projects scheduled out over at least the next 10 years to replace aging infrastructure and to accommodate future growth...Anderson Updates03 

"We're constantly looking at what the county, the cities future land use plans are, trying to stay ahead of those. We tell everybody, you know, we've got 100 miles of pipe in the ground and we try to camera and inspect 30 miles of that every year, so it's not a small undertaking to get that accomplished but that's kind of, that's where we find our issues, that's how we identify what needs to be repaired and improved upon."

Anderson says they also use computer modeling in helping to predict future capacity needs.