Woman Escapes Injury In House Fire

Mon 12-5-2016

(Milford)-- A Milford woman escaped injury in a house fire yesterday (Sun.). Milford Fire Chief Jim Carpenter was just a couple of houses away when he could see smoke coming from the residence at 903 “K” Avenue...Heerdt House Fire01 

"I was actually just over here two doors, smelled something, went to leave there and found the house with a woman in front of it, the door open, burning, smoke coming out from it. Called it in quick to 911, stayed on scene, started giving reports as we went. What's the extent of the damage? A lot of smoke damage, most of the real fire damage is contained to the dining room area. It was started by a candle we figure. She remembers a candle she had lit on her nativity earlier and that's where we're finding it all happened at."

Carpenter says the house is unlivable. He says the fire was moving fairly quickly...Heerdt House Fire02 

"It damaged some vinyl windows, it was starting to work into the living room. So she was home at the time? No. She was at the nursing home and just came home. I smelled smoke probably 15 minutes earlier, went to leave my son's house, came around the corner and here she was with the smoke billowing out. Is she alright? Yes. She is fine. She is with family members. We've got the insurance people here already, so."

The Milford Fire Department was called to the scene shortly after 3:30 pm. Firefighters were on the scene about two and-a-half hours. The Milford and Arnolds Park Police Departments and Milford Municipal Utilities assisted on the scene.