Winner Announced In Rotary Car Drop Contest

Thu 4-4-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- Officials with the Iowa Great Lakes Rotary Club this (Thurs.) morning announced the winner of their car drop contest. Club spokesman Leo Kofoot...Kofoot01 

"His name is Alex Tow and he's from Des Moines."

Tow bought the ticket online.

The car dropped through the ice on Smith's Bay at 4:00 pm Tuesday.

Kofoot says the club would like to thank everyone who purchased a ticket in this year's contest...Kofoot02 

"Yes, we had a lot of tickets that were sold and we thank everybody for the effort in selling them and also the people who purchased them. Thank you very much for the donation and hopefully you win next year."

Kofoot adds the club is thrilled over all of the interest the contest generates each year...Kofoot03 

"We can't believe all of the publicity that's happened. We had t.v. stations there last night, you people were down there, and all kinds of activity down by the Dry Dock where the car was sitting and everything turned out well."

As we reported previously, the club will use the proceeds from the contest for various community projects, including updating equipment at Shelby's Playground at Elinor Bedell State Park.