Whitecap LLC Agrees To Pay $7,000 Penalty For Storm Water Discharges Into West Lake Okoboji

Fri 9-21-2018

(Okoboji)-- Whitecap LLC, owner/developer of the former Inn property, will pay a $7,000 penalty for two illegal discharges of storm water into West Lake Okoboji that happened earlier this summer. Whitecap has agreed to pay the penalty in accordance with an administrative consent order issued by the DNR.

The consent order cites two discharges into West Lake Okoboji that were traced to the Whitecap construction site after they were reported to the DNR by Central Water System. One of those occurred following a heavy rainfall event on July 4th. The plume flowed into a portion of West Lake Okoboji which is near the water intake for Central Water System, forcing it to shut down its operations for a time. A subsequent investigation resulted in DNR officials finding there was a lack of adequate silt fencing to protect the site, and that some of the fencing that was in place needed to be repaired. The consent order says DNR officials met with Whitecap representatives to inform them of that.

The order sites another incident on July 10th in which the DNR was again notified by Central Water System of another discharge that was traced to the Whitecap site.

DNR officials say the discharges were in violation of a storm water discharge permit.

According to the consent order, in addition to paying the $7,000 penalty, Whitecap LLC has agreed to cease all illegal discharges and to comply with all conditions of the permit.