White Cap LLC Opts To Revise Plans For Re-Development Of Inn Site

Fri 5-18-2018

            (Okoboji)-- Plans by White Cap, LLC to re-develop the former Inn property are headed back to the drawing board.

As we reported previously, the Okoboji City Council voted May 8th to approve the first reading of a preliminary plat for the project, but declined to waive the 2nd and 3rd readings, to give more time to get some legal issues and questions resolved. Among the council's concerns was a possible precedent being set if the city was to approve a request to vacate a city street as part of the project. Now, City Administrator Michael Meyers tells KUOO news he's been informed by White Cap that they are going to withdraw their preliminary plat and come back with a new one in an effort to address some of the concerns...Meyers03 

"From that point forward we then met with the developer and offered to hold a special council meeting on this coming next Thursday, May 24th, and we at that point in time were going to figure out some of these gray areas so that we could get this thing approved and ready to go in June. And then this Tuesday actually the developer told the city that they were no long willing to move forward with the plat as proposed, so they are going to review their preliminary plat and come back to planning and zoning with a new preliminary plat."

Meyers says as of now city officials don't know what that new plat may consist of...Meyers04 

"No, we don't know at this point exactly. We do know that they plan on no longer asking for the vacation of Eden Street, so we anticipate that their new preliminary plat will still include Eden Street as part of this, so that will be a pretty big change from what was originally presented."

Meyers says rumors and social media postings of the project falling through aren't accurate...Meyers05 

"No, I don't think the whole thing is going to fall through. I think that there's already considerable progress that has been made. We're just going to sit here and wait for their preliminary plat to be revised. We're hoping to have continued discussions with them and doing everything that we can to make this a beneficial project for the entire city. And I would encourage anyone, you know, who has heard the rumors or is on social media to give city hall a call. We're more than happy to talk to you about the entire situation."

Meyers says he doesn't know when a revised preliminary plat will come before the city's Planning and Zoning Commission.