While Recent Rains Have Been Welcome, They've Also Brought A Hefty Price Tag With Them To Producers In Some Parts Of The Region

Thu 9-2-2021

(Windom, Mn.)-- While the recent rains have been welcome, they've also carried a price tag with them in some parts of the region. Those rains, in some cases, were accompanied by hail and/or damaging wind. Producers in one county in southwest Minnesota were especially hard hit. Jim Nesseth of Extended Ag Services in Lakefield says there are extensive areas of flattened corn in Cottonwood county. He says about 123,000 acres were affected...Nesseth & Crop Damage 

"We've had, you know, a lot of claims turned in and the corn is really flat in some fields, probably about 100 percent flat, in some parts of those townships up there. Germantown, Highwater, Westbrook and Storden Townships kind of saw the brunt of that. But yeah, it's going to be tough. If you've got livestock you've got some options there to maybe take some earlage or cut it as silage. But the big trick is going to be is try to get that corn, get underneath that corn, and get it up so it's harvestable."

Nesseth says some of those producers will be lucky if they're able to harvest at least half of their crop.