Whether Or Not Public Health Disaster Emergency Is Allowed To Expire May 27th Will Impact Some Deadlines, Including Those Affecting Driver's Licenses

Wed 5-20-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Those with expired driver's licenses that have been allowed to extend their renewal deadline due to the COVID-19 pandemic will need to pay close attention over what happens in the next week or so. Governor Kim Reynolds' proclamation of Public Health Disaster Emergency is due to expire May 27th.

Dickinson County Treasurer Kris Rowley continues to urge those needing services related to their driver's licenses to go to the Iowa Department of Transportation's website. She says in most cases renewals can be taken care of there. However, she says online service is not an option for some, and she says they have a growing list of people who are in that situation...DL Deadlines01 

"In Dickinson county we've been in contact with a lot of people. We have many, many pages of phone numbers and names that we're going to be using to schedule appointments once we know for sure when we're opening, and we believe that's going to be June 3rd. We're looking at catching the people we feel are most urgent, they've either been expired for awhile or they're doing driver's ed and they need to be able to drive to have that permit issued, so we are triaging our list and taking a good hard look at who we need to begin with first and then we'll be getting those appointments set up. If you haven't contacted us and you're in one of these situations, please call our Dickinson county driver's license station. Our phone number is 712-336-6277. We want to know who you are. We want to get you in our appointment schedule. That's one thing I want to reach out to the public and please, please call us."

Rowley adds that as of now, the Dickinson County Courthouse is scheduled to re-open on a very limited basis June 3rd. But she says the number of people they'll be able to serve at a given time will be greatly restricted...DL Deadlines02 

"It's going to be by appointment only and only one person per appointment can come into any of the offices. There's one exception, if you're a juvenile and you need to have your parent present, also then you can come with your parent into our driver's license station. But otherwise it's just one person at a time. So we know that's going to be a little bit of a hardship for getting a lot of people handled quickly, but we will plow through our list and work diligently at it. We've already been, like I said, in contact with a great many people."

Many driver's license services are available online at the Iowa Department of Transportation's website: Services provided there include some issuing, mailing address changes, and remote issuance of lost licenses. You may be able to renew a driver's license or Iowa-issued ID at Those who qualify for a 6-month extension of their current license may submit Iowa DOT form #430027 online or by printing it and mailing it or emailing it to the Iowa Department of Transportation. The form can be found at The IDOT is also offering parent-proctored driver's permit testing services. Submit IDOT form 431508 at IDOT will contact the parent and child for testing.