We're Learning More Information Into A Wooden Boat Recovered Saturday From West Lake Okoboji

Mon 3-9-2020

(Okoboji)-- A piece of history was brought up Saturday from the depths of West Lake Okoboji. Crews with Bob's Tow and Repair and Okoboji Underwater Recovery pulled a wooden boat from about 48 feet of water from the Haward's Bay area. The boat was found a couple of years ago by Chad Thompson of Spirit Lake while he was fishing in that area. Thompson tells KUOO news it appears the boat is older than what they had first thought...Chad Thompson01 

"We believe it might be in the '40's give or take. It's definitely they think a pre-war boat, so '42, '41, somewhere in that era. And we believe maybe that that boat has been in the water for 50 or 60 years."

Thompson says Saturday's recovery went relatively smoothly but he says there were a few challenges along the way...Chad Thompson02 

"We had a little trouble getting it up out of on top of the ice to get it on the trailer and then once we got to shore, the shoreline was busting all up and then we had trouble getting it from shore to land because of the sand and the ice and stuff, so that took us like an extra hour, I suppose. We were hoping to be off the lake by noon and it was like 2:30 or 3:00 or something before we got off, so."

Thompson says the next step is to try to preserve the boat...Chad Thompson03 

"Well we've got to get it all cleaned up. It's full of zebra mussels from being in the water that long things are deteriorating, things are pretty soft. We've got to get it cleaned up and get some linseed oil put on it to keep it from deteriorating more, and then hopefully the Maritime Museum, we'll donate it to them."

Thompson thanks Bob's Tow and Repair and Okoboji Underwater Recovery who donated their time and equipment to bring the boat up.