Wednesday's Meeting Of The Dickinson Co. Board Of Supervisors Was The Final For Two Members Who Are Stepping Down

Wed 12-26-2018

(Spirit Lake)-- Today's (Wed.) meeting of the Dickinson County Board of Supervisors was the final one for members Mardi Allen and Paul Johnson. Both are stepping down at the end of the year after having served 16 years each on the board. 

Supervisor Paul Johnson had these closing comments...Paul Johnson (1) 

"As you know elected officials generate a lot of words that are short lived. The decisions they make and the action generated have profound consequences both positive and negative. Future generations will look back on many of the decisions we've made by this board of supervisors over the past 16 years. Hopefully many positive results will be created by the decisions that we made as a team. It's been a privilege working with you."

Mardi Allen also made some parting comments...Mardi Allen 

"I don't have any words to say how much I've enjoyed this job and I don't want to get teary today so I'm not going to. But I've enjoyed working with each and every one of you and the public that's been here. It's tough to say goodbye. Just thank you, and I've already thanked the public for electing me to this position and allowing me to stay here for 16 years. It's been great."

Typically the board of supervisors meet on Tuesdays, but due to the Christmas holiday this week's meeting was moved to today. It was the board's final regular meeting for the year.