Weather Delays Start Of Promenade Beautification In Arnolds Park

Thu 3-14-2019

(Arnolds Park)-- The weather is causing a delay in the start of the beautification project of the promenade along the Arnolds Park waterfront and Preservation Plaza area. A spokesman for Imagine Iowa Great Lakes, Brad Beck of Beck Engineering, told the Arnolds Park City Council Wednesday that the project is still on an ambitious time frame, inspite of the weather...Promenade Delay 

"The hope was to get a little bit of work done in March and that is proving to be a little bit of a challenge so as soon as the weather breaks it's going to be full steam ahead. The original intent or goal was to have it done by Memorial Day which is still the goal. Mother nature will have to cooperate with us a little bit to get that done."

Beck says bids for the project have been awarded.

On a related note, Beck reported the Iowa Department of Natural Resources has agreed to cover the cost of repairing a portion of the sea wall that collapsed last year in front of the amusement park. Plans call for the repairs to be made this coming fall. Beck says the beautification project in that area will be done once the repairs have been made.