Water Rates In Okoboji Will Be Going Up Effective This Coming July 1st

Tue 6-8-2021

(Okoboji)-- Water rates in Okoboji will be going up effective this coming July 1st. The City Council Tuesday evening granted formal approval of the increase following a public hearing. City Administrator Michael Meyers outlined what it means for the typical customer...Okoboji Water Rates01 

"So for a customer in Okoboji who uses the absolute base minimum, that minimum is $130.97 per quarter. So with this rate increase it will increase to $142.52 which is $11.55 per quarter or about four bucks a month."

Meyers says the increase will generate about an additional $80,000 in revenue to the city's water fund, but he says that money is already spoken for...Okoboji Water Rates02 

The additional revenue won't cover needed improvements to the city's distribution system. Councilman Jim Delperdang also serves on the city's Finance Committee. He told fellow council members those projects will have to use other sources of funding in order to prevent water rates from soaring...Okoboji Water Rates03 

"About half of it will be covering a rate increase from Central Water to the city of Okoboji and the other half will be setting aside $40,000 a year to help offset future capital projects that are upcoming from Central Water's standpoint. They have some modules that are in need of replacement, they have water tower rehabilitation that will need, and all of that is going to cost the city of Okoboji because we pay a proportional share of our use of Central Water's facilities, about 35 percent of their expenditure on capital projects is passed on to the city. Therefore we're on the hook for anywhere from $800,000 to a million dollars likely over the next 10 years."

City officials say the last time Okoboji's water rates were adjusted was in 2018.