Water Rates Could Be On The Way Up In Okoboji & Arnolds Park

Wed 9-9-2020

(Okoboji)-- Water rates could be on the way up in Okoboji and Arnolds Park.

Okoboji City Administrator Michael Meyers told the City Council last (Tues.) evening Central Water, the agency from which the cities of Okoboji and Arnolds Park purchases treated water, will be increasing the rates they charge to the cities. He says effective this coming January 1st the rate will go from $3.50 per thousand gallons to $4.00 per thousand gallons. Meyers says the city will likely have to pass atleast some of the increase on to customers...Okoboji Council090903 

"What this means for the city is that will be approximately $25,000 to $30,000 more per year in purchased water cost that we'll have to pay for, and right now we run an awfully tight water budget. So I just want people to be aware that I think at the next meeting specifically I'll probably come back with potential solutions to make up for that $25,000 to $30,000 that we'll see. That could include a rate increase in water rates."

Meyers says Central Water has indicated they plan on hiring a third worker and that their operation costs continue to increase. Meyers says the city also has some water-related projects coming up, including some work on mains.