Very Difficult Travel Conditions To Continue Across The Region

Wed 11-27-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- While most of the accumulating snowfall has ended conditions throughout the region remain extremely challenging this (Wed.) morning. Dickinson County Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Ehret says roads, even main highways, are 100 percent snow and ice compacted and are very slippery. And he says visibility is still an issue especially out in the open...Difficult Travel01 

"In some places it's nearly zero. Still a lot of snow blowing around and so forth out here. That will improve a little bit when we get sunrise and get some daylight out here but for right now there's still some pretty significant visibility issues. The other issue right now is a lot of the roads, county roads especially, are 100 percent ice covered. When the snow started falling yesterday it melted at first and the re-froze so we've got a nice layer of ice on everything. Crews are just getting out and about this morning now to start working on some of these streets and roads, so they'll get them shaped up in time but it's going to take a bit I'm afraid."

Ehret says holiday travelers should pay close attention to the later forecasts as even another winter storm will likely impact the region beginning tomorrow and continuing into the upcoming weekend...Difficult Travel02 

"Keep a close eye on the weather forecast, not just here but wherever your destination is and check those road conditions before you head out and just take your time and be safe and if you have to cancel your plans, nobody likes to have to do that but it's better to be safe than end up stranded in a ditch somewhere or worse."

The latest road conditions can be obtained by calling 5-1-1.