Variable Ice Conditions Causing Concern On Iowa Great Lakes

Wed 1-20-2016 IA"], ["Lake Okoboji

(Wahpeton)-- With all the recent cold weather we’ve experienced you would think ice conditions on the Iowa Great Lakes wouldn’t be much of a concern. That’s far from the case, though. Steve Reighart, a Conservation Officer with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, tells KUOO news ice conditions are highly variable and unpredictable...Ice Concerns01 

Reighart says there are also a number of pressure points and ridges starting to form as well, along with an area of open water on West Lake Okoboji south of Manhattan Beach where the city of Wahpeton’s water intake is located. Reighart says there is also open water under just about all the bridges.    

He says there was a close call in two incidents that took place last week in the area of Sawmill Bridge...Ice Concerns02     

Reighart says no one was hurt in either incident.