Utility Companies Warn Of An Old Scam That's Once Again Making The Rounds

Fri 6-12-2020

(Undated)-- Utility scammers are at it again.

Area residents have reported getting phone calls threatening that their electric service will be disconnected for lack of payment and that they must pay immediately by phone with a prepaid money card to avoid disconnection.

Some have also reported receiving text messages. MidAmerican Energy says some its customers have reported the company's logo being attached to the message, which advises the recipient to call a toll free number. Officials say that number has since been disconnected.

Officials say if you get such a call or text message to ignore it. If you are concerned about your bill, they say you should call the phone number that's listed on your billing statement to inquire about it.

Also, the Iowa Utilities Board has warned that an imposter pretending to be an IUB employee is calling Iowans and threatening to disconnect their electric service unless they make an immediate payment.