U.S. Congressman Steve King Makes Stop In Spirit Lake

Wed 4-19-2017

(Spirit Lake)-- A member of Iowa's congressional delegation made a swing through the area Tuesday. North Korea was among the issues Congressman Steve King commented on during a stop at the KUOO studios, saying some recent actions by the U.S should have that country's leader taking notice...King On North Korea01 

"Precise cruise missile strikes in Syria, the mother of all bombs in Afghanistan, I wonder what they're thinking in Korea now, what would the President of the United States be willing to do to put an end to a threat like that and it must be more than he has done so far to diminish the threats in Syria and Afghanistan. So I think it changes the dynamic and hopefully this brinksmanship we can get back from the brink, but some how the nuclear capability of North Korea has to end and I also think that President Trump's negotiations with President Xi of China, you guys will solve that North Korean problem, they're about the only ones that can do it without bloodshed."

King says it's in China's best interest to work with the U.S in solving the North Korea issue...King On North Korea02 

"The Chinese, they rely on their markets here in the United States. If they lost the United States market their economy might well go into collapse. And so there's a symbiotic relationship there where they should have an interest in working with us, and I just think that some of these things have shifted."

King says he's pleased to see a change in heart on President Trump's stance toward China, Russia and NATO.