Upper Des Moines Opportunity Food Bank remains open, seeks donations

Mon 3-16-2020 1575 18th Street Spirit Lake, IA

(Spirit Lake)-The Upper Des Moines Opportunity Food Pantry remains open to help those in need. KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Upper Des Moines Opportunity Food Bank remains open 

Upper Des Moines Opportunity's food pantry is remaining open at this time.

Outreach Specialist Jessica Gosch says the pantry is open on Wednesdays.  "We're here from 10 until about 3:30.  People can come in, we give them some non-perishable items, and then we have food that gets donated from local grocery stores for produce and some bread that we're also able to hand out."

She notes that anyone needing assistance should fill out a simple form.  "To get signed up for the food pantry, we would need the current month's household income, so anybody 19 and over that's working, we would need proof of their income and then we just have a quick service application that they would fill out so that we can get them all registered."

She adds that donations are needed, especially for children.  "Right now our biggest need would be more of the microwaveable meals and things that would be easy for kids to make at home for a lunch or breakfast while the parents are at work.  Anything that's easy that a kid could make without adult supervision."

Upper Des Moines Opportunity is located at the Great Lakes Mall in Spirit Lake. 

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