Upper Des Moines Opportunity Enouraging More Families to Apply for Adopt a Family Program

Fri 11-11-2016 IA"], ["1575 18th Street Spirit Lake

(Spirit Lake)-There's still time to apply for the Adopt a Family Program, KUOO's Becky Thoreson explains:

Upper Des Moines Opportunity enouraging more families to apply for Adopt a Family Program 

Upper Des Moines Opportunity of Dickinson County is encouraging families to apply for the Adopt a Family Program.

Outreach Specialist Deb Weir says many more families could be accepted into the holiday program.  "We have about 62 families at this time, and we have in the past years had up to 140, so we're pretty far behind right now.  We need more people to come in, families that are having a hard time.  Don't be embarrassed, you know, this is for the kids, and it's all about their joy at this time.  So, come on in."

She adds that the application process is fairly simple.

"1 to 3 months proof of income.  3 months if they want to apply for LIHEAP too, but the 1 month would qualify for application for Adopt a Family."

To view the current list for the Adopt a Family program click here.  (click on the Adopt a Family icon to see the list.)

Applicants should contact Upper Des Moines Opportunity, located at the southeast corner of the Great Lakes Mall in Spirit Lake.

Phone:  712-336-1112

LIHEAP (Low Income Home energy Assistance Program) applications are also being taken at Upper Des Moines Opportunity at this time. 

For details on UDMO click here.