Upper Des Moines Opportunity Back to School Program Deadline August 10

Tue 8-8-2017 1575 18th St,Spirit Lake,IA 51360

(Spirit Lake)-The deadline is approaching to apply for the Upper Des Moines Back to School Program, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has the details:

Upper Des Moines Opportunity Back to School Program Deadline August 10 

Applications for the Upper Des Moines Opportunity Back to School program are being accepted for eligible Dickinson County children in grades K through 12.

Outreach Specialist Deb Weir explains the process.  "The families come in and they fill out their Back to School application, and they just need to bring in one month's proof of income.  Each child receives a backpack, and it's full of shampoos, soaps, towels, Kleenex, and this is donated from the Kiwanis." 

She adds that qualified applicants then participate in the back to school night on Sunday.  "Sunday night at Bomgaar's, kids come in and they get to pick out their own clothes, that's what we really want to have an incentive for, and then they bring it up to the counter and they get to bag their own clothes, and they'll also get to pick out some school supplies that we have.  This year, there's a total amount of $100, our donations are down this year from last year, so we really rely on that."

The deadline for application is Thursday at 5 pm.

For details contact Upper Des Moines Opportunity in the Great Lakes Mall in Spirit Lake.

UDMO is open from 8-4 Monday through Friday and closed daily from 12-12:30.

Phone:  712-336-1112

For details click here.

Note:  Donations are always welcome at UDMO.