Unknown Amount Of Diluted Wastewater Gets Into Storm Lake

Fri 9-7-2018

(Storm Lake)-- DNR officials say a blockage at a pump station caused an unknown amount of diluted wastewater to get into Storm Lake Wednesday and Thursday.

Tom Roos of the DNR's Spencer field office says they were notified Thursday of an odor complaint coming from a storm sewer near King's Pointe Resort. He says city workers discovered a blockage at a pumping station that caused the wastewater to back up into a storm sewer that empties into the lake. Roos says workers found rags, plastic and drinking straws when they unplugged the line. He says the blockage damaged some previous repairs that had been made to the line, causing a leak.

The discharge ended around 4:00 pm Thursday.

Roos says it serves as a reminder for people not to flush garbage down their toilets.

The city of Storm Lake has hired a contractor to plug the storm water line.