Underwater recovery of Sunken Wooden Boat to take place on West Okoboji Saturday

Fri 3-6-2020 Okoboji, IA

(Okoboji)-An underwater recovery will be taking place on West Lake Okoboji Saturday morning.

Josh Kirschbaum with Bob's Tow & Repair and Okoboji Underwater Recovery says, a wooden boat was discovered in Haywards Bay by a fisherman:

Josh Kirschbaum cut 1 on Underwater Recovery of sunken wooden boat 

 "A fisherman actually found it a couple of years ago on his GPS, and last year he tried to go out there when it was frozen and drop a camera in, but the water was so murky at that time last year he couldn't see anything with the camera.  It's sitting in about 48 feet of water, and so he came back out this year early winter and dropped his camera down and that's when he got a hold of us and my brother Jason and Dallas Lowry went out there and did a dive on it, and basically confirmed that it was an old, probably 1950s or 60s wood boat. Don't know how long it's been down, but you can tell it's been down a long time though because the stern light was up on it and there's still ropes on it and they all have got zebra mussels on them.  We're just going into it help pull it, and donate all our time for the museum."

He notes that the fisherman who discovered the boat will work on restoring it before donating it to the Maritime Museum:

Josh Kirschbaum cut 2 on Underwater Recovery of sunken wooden boat 

"We're going to actually be putting it on a trailer for the guy that found it.  He's going to work on getting the silt and stuff cleaned out of it  so he can get it prepped and get it ready , so that when the Maritime Museum is ready, he can bring it down to them and they're going to do a big showcase on it when the time's ready."  

The operation will be taking place throughout the day near Colcords Point, located on the north end of Haywards Bay on West Lake Okoboji.

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