Tuesday's Proclamation Signed By Gov. Kim Reynolds Extends Noncommercial Driver's License Expiration Dates

Thu 11-12-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- A proclamation of Disaster Emergency signed by Governor Kim Reynolds on Tuesday of this week also extends noncommercial driver's license expiration dates. Dickinson County Treasurer Kris Rowley...Kris Rowley01 (1) 

"So if you have a regular driver's license and somewhere between January 15th and now it had expired and you still haven't gotten it renewed or updated, you have until December 10th now to get that taken care of. I'm hearing from the state that's likely going to be the last time it's extended, but we'll see what happens. You can contact my office at 336-6277 and make an appointment. We're doing driver's license by appointment only still. Wear a face mask and we can get you scheduled. We're very current with our scheduling, so that's the good news. My staff has really, really worked hard to get that backlog under control, so we've been up to date so you won't have to wait very long for an appointment."

Rowley says it also extends the time a car purchased through a dealer can be driven with temporary tags...Kris Rowley02 (1) 

"If you bought it through a dealer, the dealer probably gave you a temp tag or told you if maybe you traded the car to put the plates from the previous car on your car, your new car. So if you do that, that's fine. Just make sure you carry along some documentation that shows you've bought the car in this time period. But the Governor extended that out to 90 days and some of that is because several offices have closed due to COVID and it's just giving them more time to catch back up across the state and make sure that the customers aren't penalized in the meantime for any of the things that are happening with COVID."

Rowley reminds everyone that while her office is open to the public, they are limited to having two people in the Tax/Motor Vehicle office and two people in the Driver's License Station.