Traffic Counts To Be Conducted This Spring & Summer In Northwest Iowa

Wed 5-8-2019

(Ames)-- The Iowa Department of Transportation will be conducting traffic counts this spring and summer in northwest Iowa. D.O.T spokesman Mark Hanson tells KUOO news most of the counting will be done during peak hours between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm...Traffic Counting01 

"We put the black tubes across the roadway that count the traffic. I also have people that will be sitting at intersections throughout the day, maybe throughout the entire day, counting traffic; looking at the turning movements, classifying the vehicles."

In addition, Hanson says they'll also be gathering data from portable, automated traffic recorders...Traffic Counting02 

"Gathering the data gives us factual information for the traffic that is using a particular roadway, and it helps us with planning and engineering decisions, maintenance decisions, improvement decisions, things like that."

Hanson adds some of the work will be done from D.O.T vehicles that will be present in communities all hours of the day...Traffic Counting03 

"One thing I do want to make the listeners aware of is the people that are working out there collecting the data do sometimes work all hours of the day and night. So if they see a D.O.T vehicle at night they are probably out there working, or if they are at the hotel it's because they worked the entire night before."

Hanson says D.O.T crews will also be installing, upgrading and maintaining permanent traffic recorders and weigh-in-motion equipment this spring and summer.