Tourism Official: Preliminary Indications Pointing Toward Banner Season For Iowa Great Lakes

Fri 5-26-2017

(Arnolds Park)-- Memorial Day Weekend marks the traditional start of the Summer tourism season in the Iowa Great Lakes. Rebecca Peters of Okoboji Tourism says preliminary indications are pointing toward another banner season...Rebecca Peters01 (1) 

”All indicators point that we should be up in numbers this year, and that there's a really high consumer confidence this year. So I think that we'll see a lot of visitors come to the area and so they'll be partaking in a lot of the fun activities that we have here.”

Peters says she's basing that also on an increased number of inquiries about the Iowa Great Lakes her office has received...Rebecca Peters02 (1) 

"We've had a number of requests and they started earlier this year. We've also had a higher volume this year of requests of information about Okoboji. Also we're very fortunate that as people are inquiring about it when we ask where they're from, people are coming from a lot further out, so that's exciting as well because that's a pretty good indicator they'll stay longer when they come to the area.”

Peters attributes the increase in inquiries to some new marketing strategy...Rebecca Peters03 (1) 

”We're very fortunate to team up with the Iowa Tourism Office in co-op partnerships so we can have some national exposure through different publications and I've seen that that is working.”

Peters says they've also been seeing a lot of last minute inquiries as we head into the weekend...Rebecca Peters04 

”There are a lot of people with Memorial Weekend just because school schedules, they're still a little hesitant about booking a trip further out, so the fact that we have good weather coming up this weekend, we're seeing a lot of the hotels that are getting calls last minute for this weekend, and calling around to different hotels it looks like people are filling up and so that's really great to see.”

Peters adds Memorial Day Weekend is usually a pretty good barometer as to what the summer tourism season is going to be like.