Tonic Sol-Fa to perform Two Shows in Northwest Iowa

Thu 3-7-2019 518 1st Ave E, Spencer, IA

(Spencer)-A popular group will perform a couple of shows in the region in the next week, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Tonic Sol-Fa to perform Two Shows in Northwest Iowa 

Tonic Sol-Fa returns to Northwest Iowa for two performances as part of their Midwest Tour, with a stop at the Spencer Community Theatre March 8 and a show at HMS High School on March 15.

Lead Vocalist Shaun Johnson says the a cappella group is touring nationally.  "We have a brand new agent out of Nashville.  We have mostly done Tonic Sol-Fa and Big Band ourselves, and it's worked good but it's kind of nice to have somebody in your corner helping out in that way.  So, we have an agency out of Nashville that's really doing a lot.  Suddenly, we've got shows in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and California and South Carolina and just all sorts of things.  We're going to take all this Midwestern a cappella music all over the country."  

He notes that the group often clinics with students.  "Usually we do a Master Class and we kind of talk with the teacher and decide what would be best for their particular students.  Sometimes they're like, oh I really get the males involved more, or, we have a contest coming up, we're working on a particular song.  So, I think a lot of times we offer a different perspective that bolsters what their teacher says, but might be a little bit different."

Both regional performances will begin at 7:30.

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