Three Area Fire Departments Battle Barn Fire In Frigid Temperatures Near Loon Lake

Wed 2-10-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- Fire Tuesday evening destroyed a barn in Jackson county. Spirit Lake Fire Chief Pat Daly says crews were called a little after 6:00 pm to 475th Avenue and 715th Street, which is near Loon Lake...Jackson Co. Barn Fire01 

"When we got on scene the barn was fully engulfed. Calls were sent out to Jackson and Lakefield for water to help with it. Lakefield actually sent their ambulance to stand by which was pretty nice. Jackson County Sheriff was there. We started letting people go. You know mutual aid we always usually get out of there as quick as we can. We left one engine set up there then it flared up on us again so we brought our tankers back up. Normally we would have tore it apart to put the hay out, but it was actually part of the fencing system that kept the cattle in, so we just had to hit as big as we could and it's just going to smolder for awhile."

Daly says nothing other than some hay was in the barn and no injuries were reported. He says they're unsure of the cause and may never know for certain due to the extent of the damage.

Daly adds the cold weather made fighting the fire even more of a challenge...Jackson Co Barn Fire02 

"Yeah, the guys get cold and our lines freeze up. When it gets this cold it's just an adventure."

Firefighters were on the scene about five hours.