There's Concern Over Huge Increases In Internet Traffic And Whether Networks Will Be Able To Handle It

Tue 3-24-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Concern over dramatic increases in internet traffic with more and more people working from their homes was brought up during today's (Tues.) Dickinson County Board of Supervisors meeting. District 2 Supervisor Steve Clark also serves on the board of directors of Terril Telephone. He says there is growing concern networks may eventually get so busy they won't be able to handle all the traffic and could crash...Steve Clark 

"People that go home and turn on three t.v.'s and try to stream different programs on all these t.v.'s are eating the data up. You know, we're getting some complaints from people with essential services that they aren't being able to do what they want. I don't know how to keep people from doing that, but it is going to be a problem that continues to grow worse as time goes on. It's like trying to water the whole of Spirit Lake out of a half inch water line, you know. It just can't happen all at once. If everybody drinks at the same time it will shut the system down."

Clark is urging everyone to try to refrain from any excessive use of data, such as streaming television shows and movies, especially during peak times.