There Will Be Plenty To See And Do This Year At The 4-H Auditorium At The Clay County Fair

Wed 9-4-2019 []

(Spencer)-- There will be no shortage of exhibits this year at the 4-H auditorium at the Clay County Fair. Jo Engel of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach tells KUOO news the displays will cover the gamut...Jill Engel01 

"The first weekend we start out with working exhibits and basically they are make and takes, but they are just so much fun. The exhibit building is full. There's like five or six tables and there's just all kinds of things going on so you need to check that out. We also have fashion shows the first Saturday. Two different fashion shows going on, the first one's at 1:00, the second one's at 3:00. And then the first Sunday is cupcake wars. It's so much fun. We have four different teams competing and they bake, they design and they create their own cupcakes and decorate them and they are judged and it is just a lot of fun. We have an emcee who has an ongoing conversation with the audience the entire time, so."

Engel says they'll also be featuring their “bucket of junk” contest again this year...Jill Engel02 

"There's probably 10 to 15 different creations all created out of pieces of junk. Some of them look really neat because Demco is one of our partners with this and they have laser cut pieces, but they are junk and there are just so many fun things. The can structures are here again, there's for sure four different clubs participating and they build a structure entirely out of food cans and boxes and then they donate the food later on to a charity of their choice. But come on in and vote because we have a winner, we have a People's Choice Award that we offer to our winners of the can structure, so we want everyone to come in and vote." 

And Engel says they'll be giving away a little something as well...Jill Engel03 

"We have a great opportunity this year. We have four ISU football tickets that are going to be available in a drawing. All you need to do is come in and sign your name and leave your phone number."

Engel says there will also be a wide variety of activities to keep the kids occupied as well when you're at the 4-H building during the Clay County Fair.