The Pandemic Has Been Going On Now Since March, But The Head Of One Area Healthcare Provider Says Some Still Aren't Taking It Seriously Enough

Mon 11-16-2020

(Spencer)-- The head of one area healthcare provider says some residents in the area still aren't taking COVID-19 seriously enough, equating it with the flu. Bill Bumgarner, President and CEO of Spencer Hospital, indicated that during a press conference Friday...Bumgarner07 

"We have had 47 of our citizens die from COVID-19 in the Iowa Great Lakes Corridor. That is not an insignificant number. I know there are folks that try to equate COVID-19 to the flu. It is accurate that many cases of COVID-19 are not highly serious, the episodes of death are not high but there are also after affects, ongoing health issues, things like lung scarring and that sort of thing. COVID-19 is not like the flu."

Bumgarner also called on the Governor to issue a statewide mask mandate as hospitals start seeing more and more issues with capacity and staffing...Bumgarner08 

"One of the items that came up in a recent task force meeting was just the concern by retailers that if they try to enforce a mask mandate in their particular places of business people might say I'm going to go to the next town over then, if you're going to do that. A statewide mask mandate would help prevent those type of issues from occurring. We need the Governor's help."

Governor Reynolds last week did issue an order mandating masks be worn in indoor gatherings with 25 or more people and at outdoor events with 100 or more.