The Number Of Absentee Votes Cast So Far In Dickinson County Has Already Surpassed The TOTAL Number Of Absentees In 2016 Election

Mon 10-12-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- In person early voting has been going on in Iowa a week now. Jordan Moyer oversees elections for the Dickinson County Auditor's Office. She says there's been a steady volume of people voting early in person at the former Paul's Body Shop building south across the street from the courthouse in Spirit Lake. Moyer explains what you can expect if you decide to vote early in person...Early Voting Update 

"They're going to go in at that east entrance and they're going to come in and they'll see a table there with a form you'll need to fill out. I know a lot of people have been questioning that, you know, why do I need to fill this form out if I'm voting here rather than getting it by mail. But absentee voting is anything that is either sent by mail or in person voting any time before the election. So they'll fill that form out as well as their envelopes and then they'll walk over to our laptops, we've got three people here, myself included, and they'll go through and they'll need to have their driver's license. They'll give us their driver's license just to double check the information on there. We put them through our system and then we would hand out the ballot with the secrecy sleeve with the envelope and then they would go cast their ballot and we do have a ballot box over here that periodically does get taken over to the courthouse to get put into a locked box."

Moyer reminds everyone that if you've requested a ballot by mail but later decide to vote early in person, that you must surrender the ballot that was sent to you in the mail.

Moyer adds that as of a little after 10:00 am this (Mon.) morning, 4,766 votes had already been cast in Dickinson county. That surpasses the 4,544 absentee votes that were cast in TOTAL for the 2016 election.